A downloadable game for Windows

It's up to you to help out some mightily incompetent Broman gods take care of a planet. Balance it's temperature, water, minerals, vegetation, and population via rather extreme measures.

Rule a planet alongside your best bros:

  • Bropiter
  • Broptune
  • Minervbrah
  • and more!

Made for Ludum Dare 38 - "A Small World"

Install instructions

  • Unzip BromanGods_32.zip or BromanGods_32.zip depending on your download choice.
  • Open the BromanGods_32 or BromanGods_64 folder
  • Run LudumDare38.exe


Broman Gods (32-bit Zip) 50 MB
Broman Gods (64-bit Zip) 50 MB

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